Propriété industrielle

Juriste, ingénieur : transcription de rapports, dossiers d'opposition, recherches et tout autre document en français ou en anglais. Transmission du fichier audio par e-mail ou par serveur sécurisé, retour la transcription dans le délai imparti. Confidentialité assurée.

Frappe sous audio en français et en anglais dans le domaine de la propriété industrielle depuis 2008, voir les références dans l'onglet du même nom



I have been fortunate to work closely with Patricia Thomain (in her capacity as bilingual trademark assistant) in the same Intellectual Property firm for three years.

Patricia has always been a pleasure to work with. I highly value her committed, responsible, reliable and exact way of working.

She has a deep appreciation of the subtlety of this area of law and enjoyed a cooperative and courteous relationship with everyone in the firm. Her very good knowledge of the English language along with her ability to handle the most intricate actions and complete her work in record time, are skills very much valued in our profession.

Now that she has set up her own firm, I am most pleased to continue working in close cooperation with her in English or French. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to other law firms.